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Your Say

READER LETTER: Shop has lost a sale over 2p

I had to go into Diss Garden Centre to buy some wire on Sunday. The total came to £4.98 and, at the check out, I was told that it had to be over £5 to accept debit cards.

Diss, Norfolk. Traffic Congestion on Vinces Road.

READER LETTER: The answer to Vinces Road traffic issue is simple

I wonder if a councillor or a local planner could explain to me how installing a left turn lane at the Victoria Road/Vinces Road junction will solve the problem (Plan: Let us know what you think, Diss Express, November 24).


READER LETTER: No deal is better than a bad deal – we need to show some Brexit backbone

I must express my anger at learning of the Government’s apparent intention to effectively double the exit fee to be paid to the EU in order to hopefully improve the Brexit deal.

Views of the Palace of Westminster - the Houses of Parliament.

READER LETTER: Who do our MPs represent?

I was dismayed to learn that our members of parliament, as part of Brexit, have voted against recognising animals as sentient beings.

EU flag

READER LETTER: EU’s Brexit demands are just not on

The following is an open letter to MP Richard Bacon.

READER LETTER: Shame on you, Buttons

READER LETTER: Shame on you, Buttons

Shame on you,Buttons. (No dog is safe from pesky fleas, Diss Express, November 17).

The A1

READER LETTER: School holidays always hold special memories for me

I remember as a child the opening of the A1 road dual carriageway, my father used the road regularly and he got a permit to go to the ceremony and took me with him.

The Norfolk and Norwich Hospital.

READER LETTER: We need structured partnerships to allow councils to help most vulnerable patients

With regards your article (Service for hospital patients, Diss Express, November 3) I would just like to add that local councils do provide some help and advice to help keep patients in their own homes.

Parking in Diss - Morrisons

READER LETTERS: Morrisons in Diss would be wrong to axe car parking spaces

I personally think it is not the right thing to do taking away lots of car parking spaces is madness, (Retail units plan for supermarket car park, Diss Express, November 10).

Natural Foodstore in Diss.

READER LETTER: All the best to Diss store – they have a lot to live up to

Express readers will know that the Natural Foodstore in Norfolk House Yard has recently changed hands, into those of a workers’ collective.

SEDGE FEN near Lakenheath: retired greyhound trust feature
Ann Raymond (chairman)
Picture Mark Westley

READER LETTER: Thank you for the greyhound article – they are a beautiful breed

I am writing to thank you for publishing the article on greyhounds (Retired race track veterans who just want to be couch potatoes, Diss Express, November 3), and for giving it prominence on your front cover.

Richard Bacon, MP for South Norfolk

READER LETTER: MP says the answer to growth lies in sustainable development – I agree

Richard Bacon MP assures us in his Diss Express column (October 20) that the answer to growth lies in sustainable development, and I agree.

Pete Gillings

READER LETTER: Bikes whizzing around Diss reminds me of my childhood

A lot has been said about the motorbikes and scooters whizzing around Diss and causing anti-social behaviour, including me in Mission Road (a residents-only road).


READER LETTER: Poor broadband is holding our village, and many others, back

Poor service is holding us back

Colin Oates

READER LETTER: Coverage of local Judo has helped the sport immensely

The recently reported retirement of my son Colin Oates from high level competitive judo has ended a chapter in both of our lives.


READER LETTER: Village community is divided over Bressingham silos development

Our village community is regrettably divided over Openfield’s plans for enlarged grain storage facilities.

Prime Minister Theresa May

READER LETTER: Foreign aid should be more about disaster relief than dancing girls

I hope I speak for many of your readers in expressing my sense of outrage over the British territories recently stricken by hurricane Irma being deemed “too wealthy” to receive a penny of the UK’s over-inflated £13 billion foreign aid budget.

Potholes in Thelnetham

READER LETTER: Potholes in our area need urgent action

Your article about the neglected huge pothole in Thelnetham (Diss Express, September 1) reminded me of our problem in that village.

Heritage Triangle, Diss

READER LETTER: I’ve got my first parking fine – there’s a lack of information in Diss

I have lived in Diss for 20 years. Last week, I got my first parking fine.


READER LETTER: Chips from van were the best I’ve ever tasted

Having lived on the coast for many years, I like to presume that I am a good judge of chips.

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