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READER LETTER: Diss has lost its greatness

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What has become of my old town of Diss. I call it my town, I think I have the right. I came here in my birthday suit some 80 years or so ago, I only left my dear old town when Queen and country called, now my poor old town is not the same, it’s looking pretty awful from where I stand today.

We have lost many local traders and now we have them superstores, charity shops that pay no rates fill many empty shops. Roads in Diss are always blocked, it only took me half an hour from my home in Diss to make a visit to my doctor here in Diss and then I just couldn’t believe what I was told when I walked through the door, my poor old ears are getting old but I am sure of what I was told…”sorry no chance of an appointment in the foreseeable future”, could it be that I am old and just don’t matter anymore?

I see no need for industrial units to have been built in town, then their traffic wouldn’t be blocking up my town. Eye Airfield surely would have been a better spot, superstores a better site like Sawmills Road would have helped. I have seen a special handshake that works wonders getting things done.

Our post office may well not have a future, the police station is hardly ever open, the council in their wisdom are knocking down the toilets and the tourist information centre has moved from the best site in town.

I shop in Diss nearly every day but hardly ever see a policeman. In my younger days we didn’t have the troubles of today, two hefty policemen kept law and order in town, they didn’t need a fancy car, bikes were all they needed. Their names I remember well, Pc Garnham and Pc Edwards.

Now if one misbehaved, as youngsters often do, a clip of the ear is what you got to learn the right from wrong. It didn’t do me any harm, I am still here in my eighties and the ringing in my ear has almost gone.

They are building houses in almost every spot but where oh where are the services? Things just don’t add up.

Now the Triangle is my next gripe, yes it did need tidying up but have they done it right? The town blocked for many months left traders fighting for survival. Two tin cans outside our Corn Hall where four cars could have stood, people spending money on tin cans don’t help our traders pay rates, they need support.

Parking spaces are no longer at the bottom of the hill, again, this is no help to the traders fighting for survival. They ask for our opinion but it doesn’t really count. With all the money spent, has it really helped our traders? Are their takings really up? Are they really any better off? Never mind, the contractors ain’t complaining, it gave them a boost.

Once upon a time Diss looked after its old folk, Diss Charities was the name with Charlie Gardner at the helm. Bus loads of our old folk taken for a day by the sea. At Christmas time they filled the Corn Hall for their Christmas Party. Everyone helped, all pitched in. I myself gave 100 fruit baskets each year. We had a council leader known as Father of Council, Charles Denny his name, and nowt the closed Denny Home bears his name.

We can’t change what’s been done, but knocking down our toilets, this just can’t be done. Only the voice of the people can put a stop to this. The council must be reminded as public servants, wishes of the people come first.

I was once able to say I came from a great little market town called Diss but I’m sorry to say, I don’t think the great can be used anymore.

Neville Pearson

Victoria Road


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