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One of Station 1-1-9's old labels. Contributed
One of Station 1-1-9's old labels. Contributed

Letters to the paper, August 17 edition

Bottle labels

They’re a fitting tribute

Much of the art mentioned in your article (Pin-ups get the push in beer advertising row, Diss Express, August 3), depicts wives and girlfriends, a link with home for these young men, for most, the first time they had left American soil; a way for them to have pleasurable relaxation before heading into horrendous combat.

This art is beautifully and tastefully executed, some of it by a woman, who, it seems, didn’t see it as sexist or she would not have painted it. Pictures I have seen display a lot less flesh than some girls and women on the high street wearing outfits that leave little to the imagination and shorts that are more cheek than shorts - provocative.

Time, effort and love went into this artwork which has been dumbed down and is a slur on those young artists some of whom did not return from their missions, and is a fitting tribute to them.

This artwork, whether on bottle labels or on the nose cones of both American and British Second World War aircraft, is not sexist and would not persuade me to drink alcohol.

E Hall

The Street, Horham

Road problems

The planners are to blame

The planners are fully to blame for the troubles with Vinces Road.

I remember when it was a dirt track leading to four cottages at the bottom. Just how and why did the powers that be allow this to happen? No doubt someone along the line cared more for money than for my dear old town of Diss.

Many times have I seen people from the council standing in yellow coats and hard hats looking up and down the road. Not one or two of them but six. They call this a survey but what have they done for Vinces Road? I was under the impression that money needed to be saved for vital services. They must be over-staffed to send six people to look up and down the road.

As I see it there is only one way to help the owners and tenants of Vinces Road which would be cost effective; if part-time traffic lights were installed operating and working in with major employers at leaving off times, I see this as problem solved.

Looking at Morrisons roundabout, traffic leaving Morrisons and turning right into Victoria Road is held up by people with no thought and blocking the exit, causing tailbacks. As I see it, if a yellow box junction was painted on this entrance stopping people parking over the exit, I am sure this would help traffic flow. It works on the Stuston Road crossing.

The real answer is a bypass off the old Bury Road taking through traffic out of town, but I can’t see this happening in my lifetime.

Neville Pearson

Victoria Road, Diss

The Diss Express campaign logo
The Diss Express campaign logo


Health service can’t cope

Much is written of the local expansion we are experiencing and the need for local planning to ensure sustainable growth, to merely inflate the local population with no regard to local infrastructure would be an obvious disaster.

I would argue this has already happened nationally with the introduction of mass inmigration, rapidly inflating our population without any provision of additional infrastructure. Primary health care being a good example, with an ageing population increased GP provision will be needed yet GP numbers are falling. Why then inflate our population by over four million people and rising?

S M Mills

Oak Crescent, Eye

Diss, Norfolk. 20 June 2018.Mere's Mouth toilet block which is facing demolition...Picture by Mark Bullimore Photography. (3668948)
Diss, Norfolk. 20 June 2018.Mere's Mouth toilet block which is facing demolition...Picture by Mark Bullimore Photography. (3668948)

Diss Express

Publicity saved our toilets

What a relief! Thank you for your part in publicising the potential closure, and also to all the people who successfully organised petitions and lobbied Diss Town Council and South Norfolk Council. We look forward to the refurbished facilities which are so necessary for the townspeople and visitors to Diss.

Margaret and Jacob

Mount Street, Diss


Staff acted with great care

I would like to say big thank you to the Tesco staff who assisted me when during the recent heatwave I became unwell in the store; they acted professionally and efficiently showing great care and kindness. Well done to all concerned and once again a big thank you.

Pauline Manson

Sycamore Close, Palgrave

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