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YOUR SAY: Letters to the Diss Express on Friday, August 10

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As Mark Twain said, “Reports of my death are greatly exaggerated.” The same is true of UKIP.

Despite our many difficulties as a party since we succeeded in bringing about the EU referendum – and helping to win it – and despite being largely written off by the political establishment and mainstream media, UKIP is still very much alive. Indeed, under new leadership and with ever-increasing national support, the party’s health continues to improve daily.

The present government is dragging its feet over Brexit and shows no genuine desire to implement the
will of the people. It is therefore imperative that as the only party determined to take back control of our country, UKIP steps up its presence and truly represents what 17.4m people voted for

back in 2016. That renewed growth is dependent on strong roots.

As the local branch of that party, we will put forward candidates in next year’s district council elections in addition to ensuring that the South Norfolk Parliamentary Constituency retains a Brexit-supporting candidate, as and when a general election is held. If anyone with political aspirations wants to get involved and help us in our endeavours, they will be very welcome.

Like the party nationally, we are increasing our membership as more and more voters tire of the shenanigans of the May government and want to see real progress made in giving us back our freedom and democracy.

The more people that join us, the greater our chances of success will be.

Ian Cross


South Norfolk UKIP

Diss, Norfolk. Picture: Mark Bullimore Photography.
Diss, Norfolk. Picture: Mark Bullimore Photography.


I am a 72 year old pensioner and I’d just like to add my few comments to any debate surrounding the Gig In The Park in Diss, (I’m sure there’ll be plenty).

First of all I’d like to applaud the organisers for staging the event in Diss at all. How many times have we heard the complaint that there is nothing happening for young people in Diss? Well here was an event for all ages; I attended on Saturday and was pleased to see young people, families

and oldies like me all enjoying a good fun time together. There was plenty for the very young as well, with bouncy castles, circus entertainment and creative activities, and the policy was ‘Kids Go Free’.

Emerging local performers were given the opportunity to display their talent too, with the ‘Diss Has Talent’ show.

I saw no drunkenness or antisocial behaviour, but neither was there evidence of heavy handed security at work; we were all trusted to join together in making the day a peaceful and relaxed community get together.

Prices were reasonable, too. The Saturday headliners ‘The Blockheads’ are booked to perform at Norwich Arts Centre in December at a ticket price of £23; my ticket for Saturday cost me £10. For that I could have spent from 12.30pm through to 11.30pm enjoying first class music and entertainment.

I am sure there will be complaints about the loss of use of the park and play areas for the duration, and while I can understand some folks’ frustration about this I’d like to point out that for 365 days of most years I personally don’t need those facilities, so I’m very pleased to get a chance to benefit from this lovely open space once in a while. I certainly don’t begrudge anyone else the use of the park for the rest of the time.

Where you have rock music you will have noise, that’s unavoidable, but I’ve been to many gigs and concerts where the volume has been far in excess of that for ‘Gig In The Park’ and I think the organisers made a real effort to keep the volume to a reasonable level for this type of event. On the day I attended they made sure that the music deadline of 11.30pm was strictly administered – despite the usual crowd chants for ‘more’. I feel they did all they could to be good neighbours in this

So, a big thank you from me to ‘Gig In The Park’, you did a great job for the community and brought some fun and sunshine to Diss in these dour and repressive times. More please.

David Black

High Road


Gig in the Park in Diss Park. Fick as Fieves performing on the main stage. Picture: Mark Bullimore Photography.
Gig in the Park in Diss Park. Fick as Fieves performing on the main stage. Picture: Mark Bullimore Photography.


I am a 90 year old resident of Denmark Street who has lived in Diss for the past 18 years; my daily walk takes me through the park by the public right of the way through to the Mere.

On Friday, I was met by a massive fortification which prevented me from entering the park. This remained in place until late on Monday morning. Later I discovered that the entire park had been similarly fenced off making it like
the keep of a medieval fortress.

Many other people have been inconvenienced by this, children couldn’t use the playground, shoppers couldn’t use the car park, dog walkers and other people who use the right of way across the park.

The event takes no account of the upset caused to the residents.

I hope that the council will in future put the rights of the people in Diss before the aspirations of itinerant music makers.

C Bankart

Denmark Street


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