Injured Eye pilot Maurice Hammond making ‘encouraging’ progress

Maurice Hammond
Maurice Hammond

Injured Eye pilot Maurice Hammond has shown “further small, encouraging incremental improvement” as he recovers from a plane crash.

Mr Hammond, 58, who has appeared on internet series Plane Resurrection, was injured after his Second World War Mustang crashed into a field near the former RAF base at Hardwick on October 2.

The passenger, a man in his 80s, died in the incident.

He remains at the Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital (NNUH).

A spokesperson for the family issued the most recent update on his condition on Monday.

The statement read: “He’s shown further small, encouraging incremental improvement, slightly better awareness, and appears to us (we are not doctors) to be more clearly separating deep sleeping and more awake periods.

“He’s of course battling lots of pain as he slowly awakes, and I understand pain medication levels out the speed of his awakening, so a tremendous balancing act that the NNUH medical staff are supreme at.

“The care staff have brushed up his rather frazzled fringe and been able to further wash his face, and as the post operative effect reduces he’s physically looking much better, a real boost for us all.

“We are indebted to all those who are supporting us, and the family and friends of the passenger involved remain in our thoughts and prayers.”

On Sunday, a spokesperson on behalf of the family said more routine tests and checks had been carried out following a surgical procedure to strengthen and protect his spinal cord last Wednesday.