REVIEW: We Will Rock You, Hartismere School

Latest Lifestyle and Leisure News from the Diss Express,, @diss_express on Twitter
Latest Lifestyle and Leisure News from the Diss Express,, @diss_express on Twitter

Hartismere School is renowned for its high standard in musical productions and the latest offering was, without doubth one of the best ever seen.

The title was ‘We Will Rock You’, and it certainly did that.

The audience was on its feet clapping and cheering throughout and revelling in the music which is just as popular now as in years gone by.

Written by Queen and Ben Elton, the story is set a million light years in the future when a cyber world is created on Planet Mall which is taken over by a Killer Queen.

All music is banned apart from her online-produced electronic Gaga songs and only Gaga moves could be performed by the chorus of Gaga clones.

Living underground are the Boehmians who are searching for ‘The Dreamer’ who is destined to bring back real rock ’n’ roll music.

Stupendous performances by Cora Burridge as Killer Queen and her sidekick Christian Fairhall-Smith as Kashoggi dominated the action until Galilieo (Andrew Keable), aided by his girlfriend, Scaramouche (Sophie Snowling), in an equally confident partnership, work through a romantic but stormy relationship to meet up with the Bohemians and save the planet.

Also impressive were Luke Scales as Pop the librarian and Jake Crabb and Andie Goodacre as Britney and Meat, leaders of the Bohemians.

But overall this was an outstanding team effort involving not only a cast of eighty, not including performers on alternate nights and understudies, but also a tremendous back stage group, lighting and sound crew, and the amazingly professional band.

It was all masterminded by directors Rebecca Baker and Jacquie Taylor, musical director Sarah-Jane Bullock and technical director Steve Phillips. The school also thanked all the sponsors of the songs and other advertisers for their support. JANET CHAMBERS