Review: Morgan and West – Garboldisham

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Latest What's On News from the Diss Express,, @diss_express on Twitter

Faced with the bombast of David Copperfield, the mind-bending of Derren Brown and the deconstruction of Penn and Teller, there is something refreshingly straightforward about Morgan and West’s self-depreciation.

And, despite styling themselves as “pretending to do things they cannot do”, their act is meticulously orchestrated and expertly delivered.

Genuine magic double acts are few and far between. There’s the aforementioned Penn and Teller, but they make great play of their mismatched appearance.

Morgan and West instead emphasise their similarly, bouncing off each other with well-practised ease in a way that is witty and engaging.

Whether it was Victorian dress, the audience, or the venue, this was a delightfully intimate performance, as if we had crept into the parlour just as our favourite uncle was showing off a party trick.

The tricks may be familiar, but with bottles and rings and blindfolds and cards, the duo deftly blended misdirection, memory, sleight of hand and straightforward silliness to hugely entertaining effect.