Review: Macbeth, Pulham Market

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Latest What's On from the Diss Express,, @diss_express on Twitter

The Farndale Avenue Guild Dramatic Society

This was Macbeth as never seen before and, although the bard would not have been amused at this hilarious romp through a serious play, written by David McGillivray and Walter Zerlin Jr, the audience certainly were.

One can imagine the consternation of any amateur drama group to learn minutes before curtain up that one of the leading players had not arrived but Jackie Parrish in her true-to-life characterisation of Mrs Peach, the group’s boss lady, soon put that right by forcing the stage manager Henry (Lenny Thompson) to dress up as Macbeth, reading laboriously from a script.

The rest of the cast, well chosen by the producer, Peter Lavin, all showed their talent in comedy, surviving the pitfalls of being plunged into darkness during lighting failures, wrong cues and entrances, various disturbances on, off, or above the stage, not to mention frequent appearances of the frustrated prompt (Dawn Smith).

Everyone cackled at the three witches gleefully portrayed by Dawn, Kate and Felicity (Julie Jillings, Liz Leslie-Smith and Lorna Bushby) while Mandy-Jean Jordan and Yvonne Goldsmith as Macbeth and McDuff, must be congratulated on their choreographed sword fight in strict tempo. Also to be commended are the backstage, lighting and sound crews. JANET CHAMBERS