Review: Luke Wright, Corn Hall

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Latest What's On News from the Diss Express,, @diss_express on Twitter
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A double header of Luke Wright and his guest, Elvis McGonagall, was an evening not to be missed.

Luke was in a reflective mood, focusing on portraits of small people. Whether it was the elegiac Mrs Godley or the hedonistic Mr Dando, his ability to sketch out the forgotten history is unmatched.

And there’s substance in even his more whimsical pieces, be that posh plumbers or aging rockers, while the verbal gymnastics of Barry from Braintree continued his love affair with unlovable South East Essex.

Elvis Mcgonagall is an angry man, albeit an avuncular one. He railed against Scotland’s timidity in the referendum, welfare allowances, Thatcher, Ukip, Blair and Cameron with a splenetic glee and a winning charm.

Reminiscent of stand-ups like Jeremy Hardy, this was timely and sobering stuff, albeit leavened with fun about Sweden, whisky and severed ears. From a man less likeable, or a less skilled poet, this could have become wearisome, but in Elvis’s stewardship it was an engaging, thought provoking delight.