REVIEW: Comedy Club, Diss Corn Hall

Latest What's On News from the Diss Express,, @diss_express on Twitter
Latest What's On News from the Diss Express,, @diss_express on Twitter

The Corn Hall audience are a diffident lot. Although they rarely heckle, they are not afraid to politely signal when things aren’t working. It’s a brave man than opens his set with the chords to “Should I stay or should I go?”

Christian Reilly was given a resounding answer throughout what was surely one the funniest support acts we’ve seen at the Comedy Club.

As a full house howled through a storming set, Reilly mixed silly parodies with brilliant one liners - lobbing out jokes with relentless efficiency. Witty and surprisingly erudite, he gave John Moloney a tough act to follow.

Moloney rose to the challenge with the confidence of an old pro. The way he coaxed laughs was something to behold. Whether discussing the integrity of pyramids or the realities of being a cat owner, this was assured stuff.

Extremely silly, yet deceptively clever, his well-crafted comedy builds on wry smiles and appreciative chuckles, to deliver belly aching guffaws. Put simply, this was the best Comedy Club night the Corn Hall has ever put on.