REVIEW: Bugsy Malone, Harleston Players

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Latest What's On News from the Diss Express,, @diss_express on Twitter

REVIEW - Archbishop Sancroft High School

With its cast of purely nine to fifteen-year olds, the Harleston Players’ latest production breathes fresh life into the classic Alan Parker family favourite. Parker’s genius was to not only write a perfect story and people it with great actors (including Jodie Foster in an outstanding early role) but to draft in the brilliant Oscar winning Paul Williams to create such a memorable score.

The much-loved film translates really well into a stage musical and budgetary limitations do very little to diminish the overall effect. The company should be applauded for their vision and ingenuity in overcoming this and have put together a show that never fails to raise a smile or a laugh. Julian Brown is very good as the titular central character and is very ably supported by Millie Thetford as Blousey, Chyna Cutting as Fat Sam and Lily Compton as Fizzy. All perform excellently, with a special mention going to Isaac Byram as the very funny Knuckles. Drawing some great performances from his actors, Mike Davison has directed with a sure and deft hand. Wonderful.

The show continues.