D’Ukes delight

The D'Ukes
The D'Ukes

One of the most sought after ukelele bands in the entire country will light up the Diss Corn Hall stage with its diverse range of covers early next month.

The D’Ukes, a six-piece group which formed back in 2009, has become widely known for taking apart and rebuilding an eclectic mix of songs by artists including Johnny Cash, Elbow, Beatles, Disney and Led Zeppelin, using different types of ukulele with a hint of percussion.

Reviewers have praised the band, who have performed at venues throughout London and the south of England, for great vocals, slick solos, tight harmonies, excellent song arrangements and a strong repertoire amongst the members.

The D’Ukes are performing at the Corn Hall on Friday, June 5, starting at 8pm.

Tickets for all seats at the gig are available for £10 by contacting 01379 652241 or visiting www.disscornhall.co.uk

For further info on the band, see www.d-ukes.co.uk