Richard reaches Turkey in his global ride

OCCOLD cyclist Richard Dunnett has made it to Turkey in his bid to pedal his way around the globe.

After riding through Malaysia and Thailand, Dunnett arrived in Bangkok with the intention of flying direct to Georgia due to the extreme temperatures and impending onset of the monsoon season in India.

On his arrival in Bangkok, he met up with Vin Cox, until recently holder of the world record for cycling round the world and, together, they visited a local school to talk to the children.

Dunnett then decided to revert to his original plan to cycle across India before flying to Georgia, despite the temperature in Chennai (Madras) still registering 42C, dropping to 35C as he rode towards Mumbai (Bombay).

Dunnett took six days to ride across India, hitting 190 miles on the final day to reach Mumbai where he had accommodation arranged courtesy of the Willis Group, for whom his uncle works.

He has around 4,000 miles of the 18,000 left to cover.