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Ipswich Town fan Dave Gooderham’s column: Evans deserves some credit

Ipswich Town columnist Dave Gooderham
Ipswich Town columnist Dave Gooderham

Our reclusive owner is reclusive no more.

The air of mystery around Marcus Evans disappeared a little this week with the ‘exclusive’ interview with Ipswich Town’s official YouTube channel.

As with pretty much everything to do with Ipswich these days — and probably football as a whole — it was met with a mixed response.

Evans, for me, deserves some credit for breaking his silence at such a pivotal time, though the ex-journalist in me would question the exclusivity of the particular interview.

Many were quick to jump on the fact that the whole thing seemed to be very scripted, but is that surprising when the questions are posed by a club employer (though a very reputable and professional one, I hasten to add)?

It was never going to be perfect, never going to have all of the answers we, as supporters, wanted.

But there was honesty and frankness from a man who I still believe is learning about some of the intricacies of the football world — especially at a club whose recent history has been characterised by mediocrity.

Town fans certainly don’t expect promotion, but they do now demand a bit of entertainment more than most.

It was good to see Evans realising this in the interview that he gave.

The headline around the new manager — that fans might have to wait another six weeks for an unveiling — was a little worrying.

Any target, currently in employment, could surely be approached within a fortnight as the season draws to a close.

And he probably needs to start planning for the 2018/19 season — both in terms of new faces and retaining old ones.

Evans shouldn’t rush this most important decision — and fans should be patient.

We just have to hope the wait is worth it.

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