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Ipswich Town's defeat to Swindon Town was the final straw for our columnist

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After 25 days of no football, Ipswich Town yet again humiliated themselves on national television and have made what seemed a long, boring period without games actually seem rather peaceful and stress free.

Saturday’s 3-2 defeat at the hands of 23rd-placed Swindon Town, who had only won once away from home all season, was a disgrace and the final straw for me, as my season ticket was cancelled after their third goal.

Some of you may find that dramatic and say that I should be ‘supporting the team through thick and thin’. And whilst I agree, enough is enough and the only way we’re going to get through to our clueless owner is by hitting him in the pocket.

Ipswich Town fan Joey Sadler
Ipswich Town fan Joey Sadler

Like all of you reading this column, I love this club and always have done. I’m a local lad whose family all bleed blue and have Ipswich Town firmly in their hearts.

We are all hurting by the sad state affairs we’re having to endure and although this is only a personal column where I share nothing but my opinion, surely Paul Lambert should be relieved of his managerial duties immediately.

He will go down as one of the worst managers this club has had and his record since leaving Norwich in 2012 is abysmal.

If he had any self respect, you’d think he would resign before he disables himself of the chance of ever getting close to another decent job in football again.

It says a lot that Town fans would rather have the inexperienced risk of Kieron Dyer at the helm.

It seems the world and it’s dog can see Lambert and his team aren’t good enough except for one man, owner Marcus Evans.

After 13 years as chairman, you’d think Mr Evans would’ve learnt a thing or two about football, but it appears not.

So that’s why mine and hundreds of other season tickets have been cancelled. What an embarrassment this club has sadly become.

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