Norwich City fan Craig Daniels defends the club’s season ticket increase

For years Norwich City fans parted with their money as Carrow Road played host to footballing giants such as Crewe Alexandra, Walsall and Scunthorpe.

The Canaries spent years in second tier obscurity, which was followed by deserved demotion to League One.

Attendances were always strong as fans turned up week after week with one common dream - to one day reach the promised land of the Premier League.

Football League followers will tell you that’s where real football is played and they don’t really care about the money-influenced top flight.

True, in many cases, but the fact is most supporters of the 72 League clubs are desperate for their team to be at the top table. And when you do get there, there’s a price to pay.

Last week Norwich City announced season ticket prices for 2013/14 and there was immediate uproar on social media sites and message boards.

A standard adult ticket will cost you £518 (including an optional £19 donation), up from £471 this year. It seems breaching the £500 barrier has had a psychological impact on some City fans.

With the incentive of a price freeze for 2014/15 if you renew early and the ever-popular interest-free direct debit scheme, this doesn’t strike me as particularly over the top.

Surely no-one actually expected the cost of a season ticket to stay the same? Norwich City is run as a business and while we’re in the Premier League prices will remain at a premium.

For most, going to football on a Saturday isn’t just a hobby, it’s a life choice, the carrot that dangles at the end of the working week.

Football clubs know hardcore supporters will pay these prices to attend games and they will always have their custom.

On the pitch, our rotten league form needs a boost before things start getting a little uncomfortable. £518 for a Championship season ticket? That’s an entirely different column...