YOUR VIEWS ROUND-UP: Diss High School skirts ban

Reader Letters from the Diss Express,, @diss_express on Twitter
Reader Letters from the Diss Express,, @diss_express on Twitter

I nearly choked on my Sunday breakfast when I read your front page (School’s ban on skirts sparks national debate, February 14).

Girls have worn short skirts or hitched them up to make them shorter, since the 1960s. This isn’t a new issue.

Over those years schools have adopted policies for dealing with the matter of ‘decency’ and any non-compliance.

If I had a daughter at Diss High School I’d be more concerned at the school being (apparently) unable or unwilling to address the problem.

What are you telling our young women Diss High School, cover your legs deary, just in case some boy (or man) happens to look at them?

Young people attend a school to be educated, if teachers and governors feel uncomfortable with a young persons ‘normal’ development, I don’t believe they are suitable candidates to hold those positions in our education system.

Beverly Page, via email.

How sad to learn that well behaved girls who keep to the Diss High School dress code are banned from wearing skirts because the staff are incapable of enforcing these rules when others disobey them.

Mary Farrell, via email.

As my daughter is going to Diss High School in September I am greatly concerned about how a school that professes to espouse equality for all could make such a misogynist decision?

To brainwash young adults into believing their body is something shameful that should be hidden is disgraceful. Surely if the issue with too short skirts is being obscene then just limiting the length of the skirt is the answer.

Skirts have been a normal part of female clothing for centuries, to suggest that short skirts could be dangerously arousing for the male pupils is just ridiculous.

Neil Slater, via email.

Yet again it is the minority flaunting the rules (and themselves!) and ruining it for the majority.

Instead of penalising everyone why did the school not just enforce the skirt length rule with those abusing it.

What is going to happen when people don’t wear the specified trousers that HAVE to be bought from the school at £20 a pair?

‘Mrs Moo’, via Diss

Express website

Maybe wrong to ban skirts entirely but maybe change the uniform policy to skirts below the knee.

I can see the logic given how short some of the skirts are on some of their pupils.

Kelly Sadler, via


I personally think girls should have the choice, making them wear trousers will not make them learn if they don’t want to but skirts should be a certain length though!

Maureen Little, via


Crazy, so when girls start wearing their trousers low down on the hips are they going to ban trousers too?

Stephen Lister, via


If schools concentrated more on the lessons than the uniform the kids might just learn enough to get jobs.

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