Reader letter: Councillor for Banham and The Bucks will be run ragged

Reader Letters from the Diss Express,, @diss_express on Twitter
Reader Letters from the Diss Express,, @diss_express on Twitter

Consultation is under way to reduce councillors in Breckland from 54 to 49.

Banham is proposed to be added to the Buckenham ward of Old Buckenham and New Buckenham. This should be opposed, because the population of a new ward will increase by 50 per cent , with increased workload for a councillor. As well as representing constituents and serving on committees and even the cabinet, I am doubtful that effective representation and accountability could continue.

District councillors also, by convention, attend parish council meetings. It is now proposed one councillor will attend three, not two, meetings. Again and increased workload will see quality suffering.

The proposals could also result in younger and middle aged people in employment being deterred to undertake council duties with active retired people better able to make time for such duties. Even now over 70 per cent of councillors are above middle age, retired or semi retired or in a position to undertake such activities, being financially secure. Democracy and accountability need to be safeguarded.

People have until mid-April to respond to these proposals

Tim Bornett

Hargham Close

Old Buckenham