Young fire recruits to be future Diss lifesavers

New Diss fire service recruits Daniel Rodgers, Harry Powell and Alex Cook
New Diss fire service recruits Daniel Rodgers, Harry Powell and Alex Cook

Diss Fire Station has hired three new young firefighters to help cover a previous shortage.

The station, in Park Road, now has Daniel Rodgers, 22, Harry Powell, 18, and Alex Cook, 20, amongst its ranks as retained staff.

One of the station’s crew managers, Robert Powell, said the process to hire retained firefighters can sometimes be a difficult one.

He said: “We have to look at how many hours of cover they can provide. Being part of the retained staff, they have to be located within five minutes of the station which seriously narrows down the search.”

The new men have also been through an intense training scheme.

“They have had to come to the station on drill nights and have to be able to complete certain tasks before they can go on a training course,” said Mr Powell.

“The course covers all the basics before they develop their role at the station. It is something that all retained staff have to do and pass before they join. They have to go through road traffic collision training, which is a major part of our work.”

Two of the new recruits, Harry and Alex both came through the local fire cadets between the age of 13 and 18.

“Their time with the fire cadets helps. They get experience with some of the equipment as well as learning the discipline and standards required,” said Mr Powell. “The Fire Cadets are always looking for new recruits.”

He added: “We never stop looking for people to join. 
“They get hands on experience which could be useful in the future.”

Eighteen-year-old Harry is excited to start helping the community after the tough training course.

“It is really intense,” he said. “They are two really full-on weeks in which you learn all the basic skills to be safe on operations.

“From here we now have to complete a three- year training program.”