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Waveney Foodbank to feed 400 over Christmas thanks to local generosity

Volunteers at Waveney Foodbank Matthew Scade, Gale Hodgkinson and Janice Mortlock ANL-141222-104744001
Volunteers at Waveney Foodbank Matthew Scade, Gale Hodgkinson and Janice Mortlock ANL-141222-104744001

Thanks to the generosity of people in this area, 400 people in a crisis will be fed over this Christmas fortnight.

Waveney Foodbank volunteers have been working harder than ever this month to get out boxes of food to those who find themselves in need.

Graham Reardon, project manager for the Waveney Foodbank said: “We don’t advertise. People just phone us up and say “can you come and collect half a tonne of food?”, for example.

“That kind of thing makes me feel as emotional as it does to see the people who we help because they are at a low ebb because they have nothing.

“It is very tough thing to admit you can’t afford to feed either yourself, or worse, your family.

“Those people are getting stick from all quarters.

“They get stick from politicians, they get stick from some sections of society. All I see is people who are absolutely desperate and we want to do what we can to help them.”

The foodbank estimates that it will feed 600 in the whole of December this year. This time last year they fed 210, so the rise is almost treble.

Demand at the Waveney Foodbank is also on the up, with the quantity of food sent out steadily rising.

An appeal also went out this year for more festive items like crackers, puddings and sweets for children. Vouchers for joints of meat and turkeys have also been donated.

“It is something over an above what we normally do so that people could feel like it was Christmas,” said Mr Reardon.

Care professionals such as doctors, health visitors, social workers, the Citizens’ Advice Bureau and police identify people in crisis and issue them with a foodbank voucher, which can then be exchanged for a box.

People are not able to simply turn up and ask for food.

Waveney Foodbank has thanked everyone for donating and all its volunteers for their hours of hard work.

For more information, visit the website: waveney.foodbank.org.uk

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