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Trusted news in the palm of your hand with new IM News app

Trusted news has never been more important - and Iliffe Media is providing free access to all its newspapers in digital format over the coming weeks.

We recognise that many people will be unable or unwilling to maintain their normal routines and may find it hard to pick up their local newspaper.

Every newspaper in the Iliffe portfolio - stretching from Bury to Newmarket, Haverhill to Sudbury and taking in Diss - will be available free of charge in a new app called IM News.

Diss (31890272)
Diss (31890272)

You can access it for free by visiting subsaver.co.uk/imn and entering the promotional code TRUST.

You will then be emailed details of how to download it from the Apple or Google Play stores. Important: Please take note of the subscriber number in the email as THIS is your password and needs to be entered on the log-in screen. Do not enter the password you are given the option of creating on the Subsaver site.

Once installed and opened you will be greeted by a map of England with location markers for every county where Iliffe Media, our independent parent company, operates. Tap Diss on the map to access your local newspaper.

Diss (31890268)
Diss (31890268)

You will be able to browse your favourite title by swiping through pages. There is also the option to download the newspaper so you can read it offline at your leisure and a full archive is available at a touch.

For tablet users, we will also be publishing DAILY editions of your weekly newspaper so you can keep abreast of developments.

The app is the quickest and easiest way to take advantage of this free offer.

Diss Express editor Barry Peters said: "We are an independent publisher with deep roots in the community. We recognise many of our readers and advertisers will suffer significant disruption to their lives and businesses, and this is a small step to try and help."

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