Toxic algae refuses to budge

It could take many more months this year to get nearer to finding a solution to the problem of toxic blue-green algae when it appears in the water sof the 3,000-year-old Mere in the heart of Diss.

Town clerk Deborah Sarson says the starting point has to be to properly understand the problem as well as finding independent experts to offer a solution.

The algae thrive on warm temperatures, sunshine and high nutrient levels.

A pump acquired last year will be given another chance to see if it can affect flows of water adequately, although in the long-term more than one could be needed.

Visitors and residents continue to be encouraged to only feed duck pellets to the birds, rather than bread which affects excrement deposited in the water.

But the town council would not support a feeding ban, which encourages people to visit and also spend money in nearby shops

“People are very passionate about feeding birds,” said the town clerk.