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South Norfolk councillor Keith Kiddie donates £300 to Kangaroo Together

A south Norfolk councillor has backed a fundraising target of community group Kangaroo Together.

SUPPORTIVE: South Norfolk councillor Keith Kiddie with Kangaroo Together founder Victoria Trevor.
SUPPORTIVE: South Norfolk councillor Keith Kiddie with Kangaroo Together founder Victoria Trevor.

The not-for-profit organisation teaches parents and caregivers about the importance of carrying their children, using a sling, carrier or in their arms, instead of using prams and buggies.

The group of three, which relies partially on donations from the public, is delighted to have received £300 from South Norfolk councillor Keith Kiddie.

He said: “The bond between a parent and child is so important and I am very pleased to be able help this community organisation provide a library of baby slings that allows a baby to be carried and feel closer to its parent.”

Kangaroo Together, which was initially founded in 2015 by sling and baby wearing consultant Victoria Trevor, offers the Sling library and one-to-one consultations and group workshops to teach people how to carry their children safely and with greater confidence.

Vicky, who is a mother-of-two from Roydon, said: “Lots of people don’t know about slings and how good they are for mental health. Skin-on-skin is so important for the baby and the carrier and, in this area, it is still quite new.”

The funding has been invested in new stretchy wraps for a new “free hire for newborns under six weeks” project and on improving its website.

The community group hopes to be able to target hospitals, pregnancy-related groups, midwives and children’s centres - all while educating people on the positive affects associated with carrying children.

“The money goes a long way to help our cause and offer our service to more people,” said Vicky. “By developing our website, for example, it helps us show what we do to a wider audience. Keith has been a keen supporter and a great help.”

Kangaroo Together currently offer items such as slings, stretchy wraps, teething necklaces/clips and leg warmers for sale. In the future, it would like to buy more weighted dolls to help parents practice the right positioning at workshops.

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