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Suffolk Libraries Day book binge is the height of fundraising for Maureen

A woman put her number one love to the test by reading her own height in books.

Maureen John, who manages Debenham and Stradbroke libraries, read the equivalent of around 18,000 pages, which works out at 5 foot, 2 inches when the books are stacked on top of each other.

The 74 books included classics and children’s books, which she read for her grandson, Otis, during half term, and every type of page turner in between.

Debenham and Stradbroke libraries manager Maureen John
Debenham and Stradbroke libraries manager Maureen John

Mrs John, who raised £2,200 for Suffolk Libraries Day last month as a result of the challenge, said: “I thought about doing my weight in books, but I realised I did not want people knowing that, so I decided on my height instead.

“I always like doing something different and fun for Suffolk Libraries Day and this came to me while I was meditating one morning.”

As well as the reading challenge, Mrs John also organised a book hunt in Stradbroke and a quiz night in Debenham.

Stradbroke Strollers, with whom Mrs John is a member, also raised £658 to add to the cause.

“I am just amazed by the amount that has been raised and I’d like to say a massive thank you to all the lovely people who supported the various fundraising events we did.”

People raised a total of more than £18,200 for Suffolk Libraries Day this year.

Bruce Leeke, chief executive of Suffolk Libraries, said: “Everyone’s efforts for our big fundraising day were amazing. Their achievements were particularly impressive and their passion and dedication highlights what Suffolk Libraries is all about.”

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