South Norfolk man found guilty of fly-tipping

Waste fly-tipped by Nicholas Stratton at Hockham
Waste fly-tipped by Nicholas Stratton at Hockham

A court has ordered a Blo’ Norton man to pay clear up costs of £562 for fly-tipping.

Nicholas Stratton, 27, dumped rubbish - including tyres, an animal cage and bags of household waste - on Forestry Commission land in Bambridge Lane, Hockham, in September, last year.

Last Thursday, magistrates in King’s Lynn had considered giving Stratton a custodial sentence, but due to his remorse and guilty plea, issued him with a two year conditional discharge and a £562 fine to Breckland Council.

Cllr Lynda Turner, Breckland’s deputy leader, said: “Fly-tipping is an irresponsible and anti-social offence that costs Breckland council tax payers many thousands of pounds every year.

“The council is committed to protecting and enhancing the local environment and will investigate and prosecute those responsible for fly-tipping and breaching their duty of care.”

There are more than 1,300 fly-tipping incidents in Breckland annually. The cost for investigating the offences and removing the waste is more than £58,000 each year.