Showing their love for Hoxne

Hoxne clean up ANL-140416-185122001
Hoxne clean up ANL-140416-185122001

With the theme of ‘love where you live’, volunteers from Hoxne were joined by members of the Pioneer Troop of 1st Fressingfield Scout Group for a clean-up of the Hoxne Village, writes Jade Heath.

With many of the participating scout members living in Hoxne, the scouts and their leaders were sponsored to collect litter and clean up the village.

Hoxne Parish Council thanked all volunteers from the village who gave up their time to participate and support the clean-up, as well as the tremendous efforts of the young people of the Pioneers Troop.

Throughout the day a total of 30 bags of rubbish were collected, as well as 14 tyres and a few pieces of household furniture. To top it all off, even the road signs were given a fresh spring clean.

At the end of the day, everyone returned to St Edmund’s Hall for a well earned cup of tea.