Scole’s Duncan tells of Prince Harry’s morale boosting high jinks at South Pole

Duncan Slater became the first double amputee to reach the South Pole in December 2013.
Duncan Slater became the first double amputee to reach the South Pole in December 2013.

Local war veteran and double amputee Duncan Slater, of Scole, joined his team-mates from the Walking with the Wound South Pole Allied Challenge, including Prince Harry, at a ‘Welcome Home’ press conference in London today to talk about the historic adventure which took place prior to Christmas.

Amongst the tales revealed were stories of high jinks at the Pole as the teams of wounded ex-servicemen and women celebrated reaching their goal on December 13, including drinking champagne from bottles wedged in Mr Slater’s prosthetic legs.

Mr Slater, pictured, whose involvement in the 13-day expedition has been covered by the Diss Express, told the press: “We decided to use my legs as a primitive ice bucket. I don’t know why we did it, but we did!”

Of Prince Harry’s enthusiastic contribution to team morale during the gruelling trek across the Polar ice, Mr Slater said: “Harry was a real team player. There was always something to do and he was always instigating it. There were so many wind ups. He probably spread himself quite thin. He would spend time with each team every day. He was always making sure he mixed, bringing everyone to the fore. It was very nice as he was as tired as everybody else.”

He said Prince Harry had also arranged cricket games in the snow and competitions to build the most elaborate latrines.

Mr Slater now plans to join the British team of three men and one woman in running the London Marathon on April 13.

Prince Harry used the press conference to call for potential employers to come forward to give his team-mates, whose army careers were brought to an end by their injuries, a job. He said: “If anybody out there has the ability or resources to give these guys and girls a stepping stone back into employment then please do. You certainly won’t regret it.”

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