Rushall writer slams BT after phones cut off for over a week

Latest News from the Diss Express,, @diss_express on Twitter
Latest News from the Diss Express,, @diss_express on Twitter

A well-known Rushall resident has heavily criticised telecommunications giant BT after he and several neighbours were completely cut off from their phone and internet services for more than a week.

Terence Blacker, a novelist and musician living in Langmere Road, expressed his frustration at the apparently conflicting information from BT and the disruption he and fellow residents had experienced following delays to repair a phone line that was damaged on Monday, August 25.

A team attended the site on Tuesday afternoon, eight days after the line was first disconnected, to make the repairs and the line is reported to be working as normal.

Mr Blacker, who has written regular columns for The Independent newspaper, told

the Diss Express on Tuesday morning, prior to the repairs: “We are powerless to do anything.

“The frustration is not so much that we have been cut-off, but it’s the fact that no-one is telling us what’s going on.

“They (BT) have been telling different things to different people, and none of the indications turned out to be true. It’s absolutely rampant incompetency.”

The cable is believed to have been brought down as a result of severe weather conditions, and reportedly lay sparking electricity at the roadside before being disabled by engineer.

Mr Blacker said he had received conflicting correspondence from BT, claiming that their suggested repair dates of last Friday and this Monday had both passed by without any works being done.

Before the repair works took place, he took to Twitter to express his grievances and made efforts to bring up the issue with South Norfolk MP Richard Bacon.

He stated he and his partner, Diss Corn Hall manager Angela Sykes, who both work from home, had greatly struggled to carry out their usual work without Internet, and added that the area’s poor mobile signal had made life difficult for a number of elderly residents in Langmere Road affected by poor health and who regularly need to use the phone.

After the line was re-connected later on Tuesday, Mr Blacker said: “I don’t take back any of what I said.

“BT have not got a clue. This is a cable, it’s not high tech repairs.

“All their work seems to go into sending little caring messages, but when it comes to actually doing something they have been useless.

“This whole process has been just unbelievable.”

The Diss Express reached out to BT for comment, but did not receive a response.

However, the company’s customer service BT Care has apologised for the delay and the inconvenience caused on Twitter.