Review: The Woman in Black - Norwich Theatre Royal

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It is difficult to imagine how two men stood on a stage in a theatre packed full of people could be frightening, but trust me it is.

A booming voice came from a seat a few rows in front of me and it soon became clear that I was watching a performance inside a performance as an old man told his story about The Woman in Black.

With just a cast of two, Julian Forsyth as Arthur Kipps and Antony Eden as The Actor, the men jumped from character to character, swapping jackets for coats and scarves for ties from a simple rail at the side of the stage, as well as using their imaginations to turn a wicker basket into a train, horse and cart, office and bed.

Sudden screams, beating drums, thick smoke and a moving rocking chair sent shivers up my spine, as well as the figure of a woman moving in the shadows, frightening all who see her face.

This is definitely a show worth seeing, staring two very talented actors, who take you on a journey of twists and terror.