Review: And Then The Dark - New Wolsey Theatre, Ipswich

And Then The Dark by Michael Lesslie at the New Wolsey Theatre, Ipswich, is a psychological thriller.

Traditional elements include: a dark and stormy night, a locked room mystery, Ridleyish passing locomotives, spooky noises off and an Hello, hello, hello policeman.

The play picks up on the way strong emotions can leave their impression on a place. You can often tell if people have been happy in a house.

Among the programme credits is an illusion consultant, Darren Lang, to help bump up the atmosphere. At the centre is a mesmeric performance by Paul Ansdell, an ordinary 50-something chap in cardigan and check shirt, full of guilts and torments about the unsolved death of his wife and son. Did they burn to death upstairs? Why were no bodies found?

Jonny Weldon brings a compulsive energy to the role of a teenage boy determined to find out the truth.

You might not want to put the light out after seeing Peter Rowe’s production which runs until March 2.