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Diss and Eye residents facing problems with pavement and road damage with no repairs in sight

People have voiced their frustration at the condition of roads and pavements – with repairs being ignored for months on end.

In Rectory Meadow in Diss, a drain cover gave way back in February 2020 when an ambulance parked on it. Thirteen months on and the cover has still not been replaced.

Carolyn Fairgrieve, whose 85-year-old father, Tony Arbon, lives in a bungalow in front of which the hole sits, said: “It is a danger to the residents as they have to walk off the pavement and in to the road.

Carolyn Fairgrieve and Tony Arbon. Picture: Mark Bullimore Photography 2021.
Carolyn Fairgrieve and Tony Arbon. Picture: Mark Bullimore Photography 2021.

“It was reported straight away as it’s on a path right outside a row of bungalows for elderly residents. The council responded by cordoning it off, but despite contacting the council several times, nothing has ever been done beyond that.”

Fed up with the delay, one frustrated resident took it upon themselves to mark a year of no action by placing a sign on the barrier, which says: “It’s my anniversary today – one year since I was broken.”

The sign echoes an all-too familiar issue in Horham, where villagers have decorated fencing around a damaged manhole cover, which has been in place since November.

A Norfolk County Council spokesman said: “With a drain cover, it would be the responsibility of either Anglian Water, the housing association or the landlord, depending on the type of housing involved.

“We don’t deal with sewers, but to be as helpful as we can, we have passed the details of this on to highways and they have notified Anglian Water, but it seems that nothing has happened so far.”

Issues with repairs are not confined to isolated incidents, nor to Norfolk it seems, with roads in Eye being described as “a lunar landscape” by one of resident.

Tim Glenton, 43, of Castle Street in Eye, said: “I have reported over 200 potholes this year. Some have been repaired, but most have not.

“It also appears that my reports are being cleared without the work being completed. Hoxne Road out of Eye was resurfaced last year but it is already falling apart.

“The top of Cocks Road is like a lunar landscape. I have a friend who was out jogging a few months back and she tripped over a pothole, broke her leg and had to flag down a passing vehicle for help. For motorists, navigating the road is very difficult – but for cyclists, it’s potentially deadly.

“There are other roads in Eye with huge potholes that have been reported numerous times and still not been dealt with despite being very dangerous.

“A kindly resident has filled one up with gravel and there is a cone on it, but this is just dragging on and on. The roads here have been deteriorating for years.”

Suffolk County Council’s online guidance on pothole repair procedures says: “We carry out regular safety inspections on the roads we are responsible for, however, potholes and other defects may occur between these inspections.

“Suffolk Highways gives greater priority to roads that carry the most vehicles. It’s not possible for repairs to be carried out everywhere at the same time.”

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