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READER LETTERS: McDonalds on the menu for Scole? Diss Express readers react

McDonalds logo.''Picture Mark Westley
McDonalds logo.''Picture Mark Westley

It’s an awful idea

The proposed McDonald’s in Scole is an awful idea, (Diss Express Online, August 4), in short, who needs this?

Firstly, a sufficient cause for rejection is that a McDonald’s sign there would be the only such thing along the stretch of A140 s of Norwich, and would look awful – visually disruptive.

Its logo is designed to get attention from a distance and, because of its familiarity, have an immediate effect, evincing conditioned reaction rather than perception. Only highway signs should have the power to do this. (I write as one somewhat knowledgeable in these aspects of visual design).

Secondly, drivers are already close to McDonald’s in Norwich and Thetford, close enough for their discarded containers already to be found at turn-offs near Scole.

Putting another one at the proposed site would ensure heavy trails of roadside litter emanating in the four compass directions, evidence of this may easily be found by visiting like McDonald’s sites, and thirdly, the proposed site would not serve pedestrians from Norwich or Scole, as there is no way to walk to it. It would most likely serve truck and van drivers passing through.

Patrick Maynard

Diss Road


We don’t want the rubbish

With reference to the McDonald’s application (Diss Express Online, August 4), we the residents of a quiet country village Scole, do not need a Mcdonald’s or other outlets.

Can you imagine the rubbish, the extra traffic or the noise already on a very notorious busy road, they will not share the same respect as we have as a village.

They will take the trade away from our local shop and pubs and other local businesses. We have enough petrol stations already around the area three of those in Diss, we just don’t need this.

There has already been a number of accidents linking these two roundabouts , do we really need any more worries?

We already have to put up with the constant road racing between the roundabouts boy racers drifting round the roundabouts and the noise is sometimes unbearable.

We really do not need it.

Name Supplied

Karen Close


Bring it on, it’s a great move

The new McDonald’s at the A140 roundabout is a great idea.

No doubt Nimbys will be full of angst about litter, but I regularly call by for a coffee at the one on the A143 near Beccles.

It is hugely popular and the litter pickers are fastidious, meaning there is very little left near and about. In any case, I have seen litter literally miles from any McDonald’s so if the selfish are to do it, they will do it from wherever they are.

In addition, this will provide some useful jobs for young people in the area.

So, bring it on.

John Alborough

Hoxne Road


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