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READER LETTERS: I too am outraged – but not with Jeremy Corbyn

Geoff Lazell's letter about Jeremy Corbyn on June 30 has stirred some debate
Geoff Lazell's letter about Jeremy Corbyn on June 30 has stirred some debate

Geoffrey H Lazell, (Diss Express, Letters , June 30) asks if he is alone in his sense of outrage at Jeremy Corbyn. No you’re not alone, Mr Hazell, I too am outraged but in my case, I am outraged by you.

I am all for free speech in the press but do you really think that views like yours, which by the way I totally disagree with, belong in a local newspaper such as the Diss Express?

David Griffiths

Lion Road


We don’t need more divisions

I was intrigued by Geoffrey Lazell’s letter, to maintain, as Mr Lazell does, that he “identified the vulnerability, susceptibility, and the gullibility of the young” is unhelpful to say the least.

I fear there are enough divisions in society as it is, without driving wedges between generations.

There also seems to be a glaring omission from Mr Lazell’s letter, as nowhere did he appear to mention the “gullibility and naivety” of those not quite so young, who appeared to believe the Leave campaign when it “suggested” that there would be an extra £350 million a week for the NHS if they voted for Brexit.

Sue Hardman (aged 56 and a quarter)

King George Mews


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