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READER LETTERS: Fressingfield is united in developments battle

Fressingfield, Suffolk. Fressingfield is facing development of over 100 homes in the village. ''Picture: MARK BULLIMORE
Fressingfield, Suffolk. Fressingfield is facing development of over 100 homes in the village. ''Picture: MARK BULLIMORE

Judy Fullam’s letter (Diss Express, June 2) described a village which we, the undersigned, do not recognise.

On the contrary, the villagers are united as never before in fighting to defeat plans to build another 250 houses in our small village.

The parish council meeting that Ms Fullam described was attended by a large number of concerned people, all anxious to express their views on this matter.

The chairing of this meeting left a great deal to be desired, not least in that a totally inadequate 15 minutes was allowed to discuss the most important and contentious issue Fressingfield has faced in living memory. It is not surprising that the atmosphere was heated.

Here is a copy of the “childish notice” that was displayed around the village; your readers will judge for themselves whether this is the case. It reads: We are a group of villagers who have come together to fight to prevent the building of these houses, accepting that there must be some development but on a more limited and controlled basis. We call ourselves SAFE (Supporters Against Fressingfield Expansion). To this end, we have collected 460 signatures (93.8 per cent of those polled) in a petition objecting to this build, lobbied our parish council to be more pro-active in fighting this cause and encouraged the writing of very many letters of objection to the housing schemes to Mid-Suffolk District Council.

At a recent meeting with planning officers, all questions asked were against the planned development and villagers spoke with one voice.

We villagers have joined forces to defeat these plans, the village Judy Fullam describes is not the village we live in.

John Castro, Pam Castro, Paul Woodward, Dawn Cavella, Steve Wyatt, Trevor Orchard, John Kelsall, Olav Wyper and Abi Maydon

Members of SAFE

Low Road Fressingfield

I would like to reply to Judy Fullam’s letter (Diss Express, June 2).

At the meeting which she and I attended, there was no vitriol, hatred, bullying or rabble rousing. Ms Fullam is presumably upset because the people of Fressingfield took it upon themselves to organise a petition to judge the feelings in the village regarding these planning applications, which resulted in well over 90 per cent against.

At the meeting last night with two members of the Mid Suffolk planning department, we were able to show the depth of feeling in the village in our usual polite, sometimes humorous manner. I’m sorry that she was not there.

There have been two applications totalling 46 houses passed by the council against the wishes of the parish council. There are now two more awaiting the council’s ruling totalling 125 houses and a further application in the pipeline for 170 houses, giving a total of 370 houses, which will almost double the size of the village.

If Ms Fullam feels this strongly, perhaps she should start to help defend the village, instead of denigrating those that are at least trying to do something.

We no longer live in an age when the rich men in the village did whatever they want and the serfs did as they were told.

We want Fressingfield to remain a thriving, happy village, which has always welcomed newcomers, but not swamped by over development.

Hopefully, she will feel able to give us some support in our David and Goliath contest.

Peter and Patricia Hardy

Church Farm Green


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