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READER LETTERS: Comments were far from the truth

Bressingham, Norfolk. Bressingham residents are concerned after a judicial review was refused and the expansive development of a grain facility is due to take place near their homes. ''Picture: MARK BULLIMORE
Bressingham, Norfolk. Bressingham residents are concerned after a judicial review was refused and the expansive development of a grain facility is due to take place near their homes. ''Picture: MARK BULLIMORE

I feel I must be allowed to reply to B Smith’s letter (Diss Express, September 15) that contained false allegations that were damaging to my reputation.

Firstly, I never said I spoke for all the residents of Bressingham; I spoke for the local residents who, like myself, will over look these 17 x 100 foot high silos.

I note Mr smith lives in Common Road, one mile away, so won’t see them. It should be noted that Bressingham and Fersfield Parish Council, which is democratically elected to represent the views of villagers like us both, was opposed to the plans, so it is Mr Smith who is in the minority, not me.

Secondly, it is untrue to say there have been no problems with traffic using the site, for the records show that a motorcyclist travelling along the A1066 received serious injuries a few years ago when he hit a lorry that was turning across his path.

There have been several minor accidents outside the site. I know this because, when it happens, traffic is diverted around Fen Street, past were I live.

Thirdly, although he complains about me speaking on behalf of the people of Bressingham where I live (which I did not), he is clearly a hypocrite, for he feels able to speak on behalf of the people of Garboldisham by claiming my plant hire business “continues to cause distress to many local people”.

I am not aware of any such concerns, nor is Garboldisham Parish Council.

Upon asking council chairman Mary Feakes whether there was any substance to his claim, I was told the council has never received any complaints.

Mr smith suggests I should move back to Garboldisham, but, in the 15 years I have lived in Bressingham, I have tried to contribute to the community.

I helped with a major extension to the village school to such an extent that I was asked to officially open it, which I did.

I have done things for the steam museum and the church, with the latter having a toilet on loan from my company, with Fersfield church having two. I also constructed a car park for the allotment holders of Bressingham.

No-one I have spoken to in the village can tell me of one thing Mr Smith has done for the village in the 40 years he claims he has lived here, except suggesting that I should leave.

Finally, I should be able to protect the enjoyment of my home by using the democratic process without being personally attacked with incorrect public statements from Mr Smith.

I am not going retaliate, however, and suggest that Mr Smith should leave the village simply because I have a different opinion on a planning issue to him.

If he did, it may leave Bressingham short of what all villages should have ... a village idiot.

Mervyn Lambert

Fen Street


In response to B Smith’s letter (Diss Express, S

eptember 15), I feel I should point out that Common Road, where he lives, is 1.5 miles from the Bressingham silo site at Harvest House. My house is just 210 metres away.

Regardless of the geographical relevance (or otherwise) of our respective abodes, the point of my previous letter (Diss Express, September 1) was to raise awareness of the far-reaching HGV traffic impact on Diss and its environs.

Very little of this will affect B Smith, tucked away in the bucolic tranquillity of Common Road, but it will affect a great number of us elsewhere.

He claims that “100-plus vehicles used the site every day without any problems.” How could he possibly know that when he lives so far away?

Talking of numbers, I must also remind B Smith that our parish council, which certainly does “speak for the majority of Bressingham residents” also objected to the Openfield planning application, and I challenge him to prove there are “many local people looking forward to the new development”.

While there may indeed be a few, who live far enough away to rather selfishly not see a problem, I respectfully suggest that his is a somewhat ill-informed minority view and that most of us who live nearby are anything but “looking forward” to it.

Geoffrey H Lazell

Fen Street


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