Reader letters: Aldi to Diss - ‘I prefer the Co-op, but will probably use Aldi’

Reader Letters from the Diss Express,, @diss_express on Twitter
Reader Letters from the Diss Express,, @diss_express on Twitter

Interesting, reading the thoughts of our ‘local’ shoppers.

Some talk of having to drive to Thetford, another of the prohibitive cost of fuel. Diss to Thetford is a round trip of about 30 miles. Cost of fuel between £5 and £10 (plus wear and tear), and about an hour of one’s life spent behind the wheel to each grocery shop. The latter alone is enough to put me off, and if I’ve spent a tiny bit more on this and that over the years at the Co-op then I guess I’ll live with that.

I think its also worth mentioning that the Co-op has done more than other supermarkets to promote ethical shopping/fairtrade products, certainly more than Aldi, although I know people care about this sort of thing to varying degrees.

I’ve shopped at Aldi too, if I’m passing and yes it’s cheap, but not so cheap if it’s the best part of a tenner in the tank and an hour on the road.

Aldi plan an extension (with accompanying disruption), which will surely take up a portion of the car park, it remains to be seen how Aldi will manage their new, smaller car park.

The present Co-op staff will be redundant and Aldi will employ a bare minimum of staff, probably at rock bottom rates to save us our lovely shiny pennies.

So, I’ll chuck my hat into the ring and say I like the Co -op and its staff, and would prefer it to stay as it is. I think that the ‘big picture view’ is that a new Aldi in Diss will benefit Aldi Ltd. How much benefit will rub off on me, struggling farmers in the developing world, and Diss in general remains to be seen.

OK, I’m not quite ‘beside myself with excitement’, but I suppose I will still use the place if it turns into Aldi, and maybe my mood will be lifted both by the pennies I may save and the thought that the A1066 is perhaps a little quieter and the air a little cleaner.

Joe Bernard

North Lopham

What about home delivery?

I presume comments made in favour of Aldi coming to Diss to save travelling to Thetford, are from people who have cars, but please bear a thought for people with no transport, those who have relied on the Co-op’s home delivery service, enabling the elderly and others, to remain independent.

It’s wonderful to be able to purchase your own items and have them delivered without having to be a nuisance to your family.

Sheila Coleman

Tottington Lane