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READER LETTERS: Abuse of busker was disgusting – I apologise on behalf of the people of Diss

Mere Street in Diss.
Mere Street in Diss.

To all the shoppers, summer visitors and visiting traders who had to witness the blatant and nasty verbal abuse directed at a busker who was sitting outside the old Hemstock’s shop last busy market day, Friday, August 25, I apologise on behalf of the people of Diss.

To the busker himself please; don’t take it personally, we are not all like her.

To the woman trader who retreated afterwards to a nearby pub and who meted out that abuse in front of hundreds of people, including children, I can only say, you did nothing to help your cause.

Indeed, it only exposed you for the vile bully you are and, while I think of it, no, you weren’t saying what everyone else thinks as you so deliberately shouted across the street: “We don’t do things like that here in Diss.”

We welcome visitors to our town and long may it remain regardless of what they are here for.

What is the point of trying to attract people here to our beautiful town if the traders are just going to verbally abuse them.

Jacky Miles

Masefield Road


I like music when shopping

My nephew does a bit of busking in Diss, it helps to relax him and pays towards petrol for his car.

My nephew’s mum, my sister, has terminal lung cancer. His wife is also poorly, which means regular hospital visits. I quite like cheerful music while shopping. In fact, I think we should worry more about cyclists riding through the street in the wrong direction and deliveries, which could come a lot earlier and not block the streets.

Sandra Rice

Willbye Avenue


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