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READER LETTER: Where is our Dunkirk spirit? Let’s be hopeful, not gloomy, over Brexit


I must take issue with David Crowther’s metaphor-laden and rambling rhetoric on the subject of Brexit (Diss Express, December 15).

Might I remind him that his insulting reference to “... the thugs and cowards of Brexit” and describing us as “nasty and deceitful” is an affront to the majority of voters in this country, the 52 per cent or 17.4 million of us.

In Diss, 72 per cent voted to leave the EU. Quite what our local MP and fellow-Brexiteer Richard Bacon makes of such outrageous insults, I do not know, but I can assure Mr Crowther that I, for one, am highly offended.

While I understand that Mr Crowther and many others may rightly wish to comment on the views, perhaps somewhat clumsily expressed by Paul Chambers in his letter (Diss Express, December 1), that does not justify the emotional tirade of sweeping general abuse that he has levelled at all of those with whom he appears to disagree.

My interpretation of Mr Chambers’ words was more one of an expression of anger and frustration at the subversive tactics being employed by certain MPs to thwart the clearly-expressed will of the people, than a specific call to arms.

Nevertheless, we ignore the lessons of history at our peril. The Peasants’ Revolt and the English Civil War are two examples of how the rule of law can quickly break down when the long-suffering silent majority finally decide that direct action is the only way forward.

Perhaps, like all the ‘remoaners’ in Parliament, Mr Crowther should accept last year’s referendum result with a little more grace and try to see the many positive aspects of Brexit and the opportunities it could provide.

Now is the time to all pull together, so a little more Dunkirk spirit and far less doom and gloom might be helpful.

Geoffrey H Lazell

Fen Street


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