READER LETTER: Vitriol, hatred and bullying in Fressingfield - all because of planning applications

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Suddenly a village that I have lived in for over half a century has changed from a beautiful, peaceful place to one filled with vitriol, hatred, rabble-rousing and bullying, and all because of planning applications.

During the open public forum at the recent parish council meeting there were scenes reminiscent of bear baiting as the chairman was laughed at, jeered at and besieged with calls for her resignation.

Voices were raised in anger and it was all very unpleasant. The village has been littered with the fly-posting of childish notices and little cliques have been formed.

None of this is necessary, it is not how Fressingfield behaves.

We are all as one in our desire to stop, or at least, limit the amount of houses that Fressingfield is currently threatened with so could I please entreat the whole village to stop all this awful behaviour. Behaviour which is fast becoming a witch-hunt rather than anything to do with housing, as the snide message pinned to the planning application notice for Post Mill Lane shows.

Let us all work together using the correct tools rather than mob rule. It breaks my heart to see the village in its present state.

Judy Fullam

Laxfield Road, Fressingfield

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