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READER LETTER: UK will remain on naughty step on Brexit – if we don’t face up to legal and moral obligations


I was interested to read hard Brexiteer Paul Chambers’ open letter to Richard

Bacon MP (Diss Express, December 1), in which he hurls so much hatred, abuse and impotent rage at a world beyond his control or understanding; small wonder he feels “the UK is being ordered to do things like naughty little children by the European Commission.” He’s right. We are.

And we’ll stay on the naughty step, getting hungrier and lonelier until we grow up and take responsibility for honouring our legal and moral obligations to those we would otherwise betray and rob, were it left to Paul Chambers and his nasty, deceitful mates.

Quite why it’s taking us so long to learn this simplest of lessons – that you reap what you sow – is something that the rest of the world has found appalling (friends) baffling (neutrals) or hilarious (enemies), and so, like a soft youth warned not to take the telly apart without following the instructions – or indeed at all – we will have to learn the hard way through experience.

Now, thanks to Paul and his gang, all that shame, pain and misery is being visited upon us here across Norfolk and Suffolk in the communities we know and love.

Prices are shooting up thanks to the collapsing pound, jobs are going thanks to investment drying up, our health services is losing staff and farmers face the nightmare of produce rotting unpicked thanks to labour shortages.

Nationally, we’ve gone from the fastest to the slowest growing economy in the EU, the DUP holds our government to ransom, we have an unpaid £60 billion Brexit bill and our national debt rises ... and we’ve not even left the EU yet.

What we have done over the last 18 months is behave like a delinquent to the rest of our EU family, chucking the instruction manual for leaving back in their faces. We launched ourselves out of the starting blocks for leaving the EU and tripped over the laces we’d failed to tie. We’ve nose-dived our nation’s wealth, power and reputation, hard-won over centuries, and left ourselves a laughing-stock, a bruised and deluded basket-case on the world stage, friendless, powerless and, let’s face it, utterly charmless.

We’re Paul Chambers on the naughty step.

So, thinking about all of that, here’s his response on our behalf: “The only alternative left to us is rioting in the streets and general civil disobedience.”

Enough. It’s time we shrugged off this weird, alien anti-social bullying bigot that Brexit has inflicted on us, pick ourselves up and start again.

When we do, let’s be who we truly are and what we truly stand for: civilization, prosperity, collaboration, social justice, peace and tolerance.

Let’s work with our neighbours, not against them, and let’s win back the health, wealth and wisdom we want for each other, and for all our children.

Let’s stand up to the thugs and cowards of Brexit Britain and demand the right to approve or reject whatever the final deal might be, and if no Brexit is better than a bad Brexit, then so be it.

Richard Bacon is not my MP (that’s Jo Churchill), but, if he’s reading this, then I hope he takes encouragement from it.

Local people are decent, tolerant and kind at heart and we’re not stupid. We didn’t vote to be poorer, nor did we vote to lose the trust, respect and friendship of our neighbours.

We need our MPs to stand up for what’s best for Britain.

David Crowther

The Street


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