READER LETTER: To save lives we need professionals setting speed limits, not the public

Reader Letters from the Diss Express,, @diss_express on Twitter
Reader Letters from the Diss Express,, @diss_express on Twitter

I was disappointed to read that Richard Bacon is calling for measures which would result in more deaths on Norfolk roads (Richard Bacon says local people need greater say over speed limits, August 15), in which he was said to favour allowing small numbers of noisy individuals to be allowed to influence the setting of speed limits.

Speed limits should be determined by qualified traffic engineers and the police who we pay to do the job.

In 1995 Suffolk did a similar thing, introducing blanket 30mph speed limits in all villages, many very inappropriately. The result was an jump of 69 per cent in deaths the following year, and road deaths in Suffolk continued to rise for another four years at least, bucking the national trend of declining numbers of road casualties verifiable by the Department for Transport.

It leaves me to question, does Richard Bacon want the same result for Norfolk?

Warren Last

Sancroft Way