READER LETTER: ‘Potential shop safety concern’

Reader Letters from the Diss Express,, @diss_express on Twitter
Reader Letters from the Diss Express,, @diss_express on Twitter

As the Diss Express reports, Stradbroke is once again without a general village store (Shop woe continues in Stradbroke, August 8).

Proposals by the Co-op to build a brand new shop opposite Stradbroke Primary School have not only led to the proposed tenants for Spar withdrawing, but also to serious concerns about road safety opposite the school.

This is a busy stretch of road with cars, large articulated lorries, farm vehicles and delivery vans and gets very congested at school run times.

Currently the small children from two to eleven that are at school and nursery on the primary school site have no reason to cross the road at this point. There isn’t even a pavement on the other side of the road.

If the planned Co-op was built then it would be a natural attraction for children who could run into the road with disastrous consequences.

Stradbroke Primary School asked to meet with members of the shop group who refused and dismissed concerns about traffic as “patently absurd”. Thankfully the Co-op have been more receptive and promised to meet us if the plans actually go ahead.

There is considerable local opposition to the idea of a shop at this site. A recent survey on the Stradbroke village website showed 73 per cent of people would prefer to see housing, car parking or something other than a shop at that location.

When the children get back from the summer holidays our junior road safety officers, who you recently reported won a gold award at county level, will be taking an interest I am sure in making sure the road outside the school is safe for them and the other children at the school.

James Hargrave

Chair of Governors

Stradbroke Primary