Reader letter: No Mickey Mouse solutions to Diss A1066 woes please

Reader Letters from the Diss Express,, @diss_express on Twitter
Reader Letters from the Diss Express,, @diss_express on Twitter

I think the highways department and councils have to think long term and spend money on this problem.

A Mickey Mouse short term painted yellow box is no good.Not many drivers bother to take notice of them anyway plus the lines soon wear out (take a look at those already in place).

The bus stop is a problem but if the drivers had a place to pull into off the road it would help the flow of traffic.

My plan would also make Station Road one-way up to the station and connect Station Road with a very short proper road link to Nelson Road. Station traffic would then exit onto Sawmills Road taking traffic to the traffic lights on the junction with Victoria Road. This would remove a lot of traffic from the junction near the rail bridge as no vehicles would be filtering into what is congested traffic.

Traffic lights should be installed at Vinces Road junction working 24/7 or just during peak traffic times. We must help the businesses, residents and supply vehicles who must be totally fed up with the current situation. The road problems in Diss have not had much money spent on them lately so the cost must not hinder the need.

Colin Mobbs

Pearmain Road