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READER LETTER: No deal is better than a bad deal – we need to show some Brexit backbone


I must express my anger at learning of the Government’s apparent intention to effectively double the exit fee to be paid to the EU in order to hopefully improve the Brexit deal.

I imagine at least 17.4 million voters will share my shame at this humiliating capitulation.

There is no legal basis for submitting to this outrageous EU demand and acceding to it on the vague promise of opening more substantive trade talks is naive in the extreme.

Can I remind Mrs May and her cabinet that Mr Blair once famously gave away a significant proportion of the UK’s rebate on the vague promise of common agricultural policy reform, which never materialised.

Our entry into the unholy alliance that eventually morphed into the European Union was characterised over many years by lies, deceit, bullying, political manipulation and subterfuge, not only by our own politicians but by those from other member states.

The only difference was that ours weren’t quite as adept as the others.

I fear our exit is being characterised in precisely the same way.

Once again, the modern generation of UK politicians is being out-manoeuvred by its EU counterparts and, once again, the losers will be the long-suffering UK taxpayers.

The Prime Minister does not have my permission to give away my money in pursuit of some half-baked deal that will inevitably be reneged upon.

No deal really is better than a bad deal, so can we show some backbone, stiffen the sinew and just say “non”.

Geoffrey H Lazell

Fen Street


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