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READER LETTER: Marketing is so important – but my free offer to school was ignored

Diss, Norfolk. Diss High School
Diss, Norfolk. Diss High School

Unfortunately, Suffolk schools have been named for poor performance and the question must be why?

Surely children don’t vary throughout the UK, in which case it must be the teaching methods, administration or teachers.

Whether my offer was of interest or not, I did not even receive a reply or acknowledgement

I have no doubt there are some superb teachers in Suffolk and I can recall one in the 1970s at Thorndon Primary School, where my son was taught by the late Mrs Wells and her staff.

I believe his becoming a QC has its roots in the teaching at Thorndon School.

My daughter was also taught at this school and Hartismere and gained degrees in languages to become a translator.

Regrettably, I have had a more recent experience when visiting Diss High School for a film about a year ago. I noticed that marketing was featured on a wall as a subject being taught to senior students, commendable except I can’t understand how marketing can be taught by a teacher unless they had personal experience of the subject.

David Ogilvie, the respected guru on the subject, said: “Marketing can only be learned either by doing it or listening to someone who has done it.”

Acting upon this, I wrote to Diss High School as someone who has had a very successful career in marketing. As chairman and director of a number of large successful companies, I spent two years lecturing on the subject in Spanish and in Scottish universities and colleges.

I offered to make presentations to suitable pupils, either during school time or afterwards. My offer was totally free.

Marketing is so very important as the basis of the economy. Whatever the chosen career of a student, a good basic knowledge of management and marketing makes them better employees by understanding their employer’s business, while making them more employable.

Whether my offer was of interest or not, I did not even receive a reply or acknowledgement.

Colin Wilson

Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Marketing

Lion Road


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