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READER LETTER: I am watching gutter politics from the front bench of Labour

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn
Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn

I find myself agreeing with the conservative approach towards society across most areas of policy.

However I never want to align myself to any party because I prefer to remain as independent as possible in order to avoid my judgment being clouded. I only say this because my feelings towards Corbyn are not based on being a Tory voter.

If the leader of the Tory party was acting in the appalling way in which Corbyn is acting, I would feel the same way, no matter what party that person is representing.

For me, I am watching gutter politics from the front bench of Labour.

Any government being accused of buying votes is fair game and that is what the opposing party is there to do. However, to use the deaths of those at London Bridge and Glenfell is appalling to a level I find sickens my stomach. I grew up in a council house with six siblings and an out of work father on medication for major depression.

I left that life behind and at 38 I live a life that is more in the bracket of middle class.

The reason I mention this is because I come from a run down area of London and I know the culture very well. It’s often a culture of being led by emotions and typically attack first and get the truth later.

Not everyone is like that but my point is that Corbyn is riding on that emotional reaction. Any politician in his position as the leader of a major political party has the responsibility of defusing those situations for the good of the enquiry and the people.

Instead, Corbyn chooses to fuel it by illogical views along with his deputy calling politicians murderers. Its the type of politics that I hope is stamped out along with Corbyn at the next election.

I believe that Corbyn will be exposed over the next six months due to his attempt at standing on the remain and leave side.

The next Tory leader will not give him a free pass this time and will not silence the cabinet on confronting him. The next Tory manifesto will cross the board of society, be slightly more kind financially, sit centre right and Neil Coyle Labour MP will prove a false dawn.

Scott Martin

Holdenhurst Road


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