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READER LETTER: Foreign aid should be more about disaster relief than dancing girls

Prime Minister Theresa May
Prime Minister Theresa May

I hope I speak for many of your readers in expressing my sense of outrage over the British territories recently stricken by hurricane Irma being deemed “too wealthy” to receive a penny of the UK’s over-inflated £13 billion foreign aid budget.

Apparently, it is OK to support an Ethiopian girl band in their musical endeavours but not a West Indian whose house has been destroyed.

Yes, many of these overseas territories are tax havens for the wealthy, but what about the islanders who clean the hotel rooms or work in the bars, restaurants and shops? These poor people who have had their homes and livelihoods blown away do not look too wealthy to me when I see them on TV, queuing for food outside what’s left of their local supermarket.

Quite rightly, the Government has quickly despatched significant aid, but this has come from the already overstretched treasury budget – inevitably to the detriment of home-grown needs.

Is it any wonder that many modern politicians are held in utter contempt by the rest of us when they are responsible for the creation of such a farce?

In the name of humanity, can someone somewhere in the corridors of power please bring some commonsense to this absurd situation?

Foreign aid should be more about disaster relief than dancing girls.

Geoffrey H Lazell

Fen Street


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