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READER LETTER: EU’s Brexit demands are just not on

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The following is an open letter to MP Richard Bacon.

So far, I believe that Theresa May has offered our wonderful friends in Brussels (you know, the ones who want to punish us, bully us and give us ultimatums and threats about once a week) about £20 billion of our money.

Take us out of the EU with no deal now. In two year’s time, they will come begging for a deal, which we would not have to pay for

This equates to about £330 per man, woman and child in the UK.

Rumour has it that Mrs May the appeaser wishes to double this to about £700 each and that the EU will no doubt come back demanding even more. Its £60 billion demand equates to approximately £1,000 for every man woman and child in this country.

The so-called benefit offered by a trade deal for this huge amount of money can be obtained for free anywhere else in the world, so why are we offering to pay?

I do not give consent to pay my £1,000 and look forward to a rebate in due course. I am, of course, prepared to forego the so-called benefits that my £1,000 would have provided.

This matter will become much more serious in due course as we voted to leave the corrupt, undemocratic and unaccountable Soviet-style dictatorship that the EU has become.

The UK is being ordered to do things like naughty little children by the European Commission, as are Poland and Hungary. They, however, have the backbone to refuse, so where is our backbone? These people should be immediately offered the recommendation to act upon a very commonly used Anglo Saxon term referring to sex and travel.

Our house of Commons is populated by some (yourself included) who wish to do the right thing and leave as we voted; some who very reluctantly vote according to the referendum result while holding their noses; and the rest who wish to betray the British people and keep us in this vile organisation, dragging it out for years.

Our House of Lords demonstrates total treachery by the ones who bother to attend rather than just collecting their expenses cheques.

If these politicians were loyal to the British people (instead of their own interests and the EU), they would opt to spend our £1,000 per head on the NHS, social care and other needy public services. This assumes that we have the money. Otherwise, we would be paying £1,000 plus interest.

The worrying aspect of all this is that millions of us are currently disenfranchised as there is nobody to vote for who will institute policies that we want. The Conservative Party has become as politically correct as all the others. It is more concerned with allowing the taxpayer to subsidise big business by permitting unsustainable levels of immigration with all the costs involved that the taxpayer picks up.

You are ably assisted by the censorship provided by the BBC which is funded by extortion against the taxpayer.

So, where do the millions of people who feel exactly as I do go to vote?

We cannot trust the Tories any more as they are in the process of betraying us.

The Labour Party would bankrupt the country and the Liberal Democrats do not live up to their names in either respect.

The only alternative left to us is rioting in the streets and general civil disobedience.

No democratic alternative is currently available but new supposedly right wing parties (that means parties that offer what we want) are springing up and may well hopefully ultimately prevail.

I urge you to show this to Downing Street in the vague hope that some of them may understand some of what I am saying and act accordingly.

Take us out of the EU with no deal now. In two year’s time, they will come begging for a deal, which we would not have to pay for.

Paul Chambers

Common Road


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