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READER LETTER: Diss Express provides a forum for freedom of speech for all

The very first copy of the Diss Express - from 1864
The very first copy of the Diss Express - from 1864

How very worrying that there may be other people like Mr Griffiths of Palgrave (Diss Express, Letters, July 7) who seems to think that only views with which he agrees should be expressed in a local newspaper.

Freedom of speech is one of the fundamental cornerstones of democracy, which, of course, is not the case under a Marxist regime such as he appears to favour.

Fortunately, we are not yet governed by North Korea’s Kim Jong-un or even Islington’s comrade Corbyn.

Long may we be able to publicly declare our outrage and disagree with each other without fear of recrimination by the State, Mr Griffiths, and long may the Diss Express be free to provide a forum in which to do so.

Local newspapers should not be just about fetes, flower shows and football.

Geoffrey H Lazell

Fen Street


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