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READER LETTER: Brexit views shocked me – violence is not the answer

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I was shocked at Paul Chambers’ letter advocating the use of violence as an alternative to normal democratic processes (Diss Express, December 1).

Mr Chambers has every right to express his views on Brexit, however, it is not acceptable to anyone who values the democracy in which we live – the democracy that allows Mr Chambers to express his political views without fear of arrest or state harassment – for him to advocate that, because of his expressed lack of trust and confidence in any of the three main political parties (Conservatives, Labour and Liberal Democrats), “the only alternative left to us is rioting in the streets and general civil disobedience.”

Violence can never be an acceptable alternative to democratic processes.

Brexit has created divisions and hostility in this country which will take many years to heal; what is needed is calm, rationale debate about the future that our children and grandchildren face as a result, not calls for the use of violence to achieve political ends.

How would he react if pro-EU supporters, many of them feeling that voters were fundamentally deceived, (even Nigel Farage said he would not have used the ‘£350m a week’ cost of the EU quote which Boris Johnson had on his Vote Leave coach), advocated the use of violence to overturn the referendum result?

D Appleton


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